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I have been sewing since I was about 7 or 8….and have always been drawn to gorgeous fabrics.

Mum wasn’t a great sewer so she handed me over to our honorary Aunty Mary for sewing instruction and inspiration.  

Aunty Mary would arrive occasionally with a selection of new dresses for me for the season..often with a sixpence hidden in a pocket.  I remember the fitting sessions..being very still in case of those pins pricking me.

Over the years I tended to sew things that I needed, pillow covers, shirts, curtains and even patient gowns(opening at the back) and facecloths for therapy tables.

My quilting journey started with the arrival of a wonderful surprise…. a fabulous Bernina 440E  Quilters Edition which I won in a raffle to support the Remarkables Symposium in 2011.

Having spent the last 25 years helping others on their healing journeys..it is wonderful to be enjoying my own creativity and sharing with others. My lovely partner calls me Salsy..and we live in a lovely home called Safrano…named after one of the many beautiful roses in our garden.

I really enjoy the quilting process..of selecting my most favorite fabrics, finding inspiration, putting fabric and colour together and seeing what surprises emerge as the finished item takes its form.

I do hope you enjoy checking in from time to time.  Please do say Hi  and leave a comment.

Thank you from Salsy.

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