Simply Solids Modern Quilting Bee: my first block complete.



My first block

for the Simply Solids

Modern Quilting Bee is done.

This one has been organized

by Adrianne from On the Windy Side.

Here ’tis

I have heard back from Adrianne that it is OK! so that is a relief!

Since then I have been constructing some new blocks for myself

following one of the Gourmet Quilter’s new flurry of helpful videos on YouTube.


I have constructed a new block inspired by the Gourmet Quilter’s Corners Block from 5 inch Squares.

I have a feeling this may be a rebound from the Simply Solids theme…what do you think?

I am enjoying using lots of my favorite fabrics from my stash…some old and some new. The theme started with blues and greens but soon added oranges.

Only a very small amount of pink has been allowed to creep in. 🙂





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3 Responses to Simply Solids Modern Quilting Bee: my first block complete.

  1. Hi Sally, love your block for the Bee and yes, I think the Corners is a rebound from the Simply Solids!! and I particularly like that only a small amount of pink has crept in! Looks great.

  2. Adrianne says:

    LOVE your latest block Sally – it’s bright and totally fun!

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My First Bee!!

Simply Solids: a modern {bee}

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