Winner of the Giving Thanks Giveaway.



Last month we had a Giving Thanks Giveaway

thanks to Michele at Quilting Gallery.

The winner of my giveaway of three fat quarters from the "Amelia" range,

by Me & My Sister…was Renata.

Renata does not have a blog of her own yet, so I asked her if she would share a little about herself.

She did:


"Hi Sally,
I look forward to the FQ’s.  About me.  I’ve been quilting for 15 years.  Along with others, I make quilt tops for our church’s care activities.  Our group distributes quilts for  baptisms, high school graduation, and comfort quilts. We do a variety of quick, easy, conventional patterns.
Most of my personal quilts are traditional. I like raw edged applique.  I do small projects – just to get them DONE.  This includes wall hangings and quilted postcards (I’ve made over 500 of them).  Recently I finished two Skinnie patterns from the Ribbon Candy Quilt company. The last couple of years, I’ve taken up hand dying fabrics.
On my machine, I’ve a 4 color big star lap quilt that I am free motion quilting. For my next piecing projects, I plan on two lap sized Take 5 quilts.  One will combine hand dyed and printed fabrics in the orange, gold, brown color range.  The other will use the I Dream of Paris fabric from Windham. My other project includes cutting appropriate fabric for several watercolor wall hangings.
My favorite quilting color is blue followed by green. Blue is so easy to use. Just throw in a little purple and green with a white or black background. And you have the perfect quilt.  I am trying to expand my color range, hence the autumn color lap quilt.
Hope this helps,
Thanks Renata..I am sure that if and when you get a blog will be great.  
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks to all who entered by leaving a comment about what you were grateful for.
Not surprisingly the themes that emerged were about family…husbands, sisters, children…
and about health too.  I hope that this Christmas brings you all more of what you are grateful for.
Thanks for stopping by..and leaving comments…much appreciated.
Oh,..and what is a post without a picture??
Here is a wee selection of fabric that has arrived in my stash of late..from Stitchbird Fabrics.
Stash Fabrics from Stitchbird Fabrics.
No doubt these will be turning up soon in a patchwork quilt….




I wonder if anyone else is as slow as I am to work out how to do things such as

Add Bloglovin to my site??

I am supposed to add this code to a new post..




Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I seem to have done it..there it is over on the RHS…check in for further technological wonders by clicking on the Follow my blog button..



AND I’ve resized the image!

Oh blogposts??coming..just had a lot on lately…

PS.  Couldn’t resist the pink FB icon and the Bloglovin Icon….and few other color changes.

We are in the midst of doing up the bathroom so a few color changes are happening here.

Successfully made the new roman blind for the bathroom..not hanging yet due to more paintwork needing to be done.


Giving Thanks – Quilter’s Blog Hop Party.

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways



WELL  I hope I am not too late to get my post up for

the Giving Thanks – Quilter’s Blog Hop Party!

Thanks to Michele at Quilting Gallery we are having


All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post and tell me

"What have you given THANKS for today?".


and what will you win??

Three gorgeously untouched fat quarters from the "Amelia" range

by Me and My Sister..from the lovely Lori at Stitches ‘N Giggles.

I just stumbled across this cute video from Lori and thought I would share it.  Do go over and visit her and see her great selection.

I did wonder how she managed to get the fabric to me so quickly and have it so beautifully shrink wrapped.


Giving Thanks Blog Hop Party Giveaway.

Thanks for visiting…you don’t have to, but all LIKES and SHARES are greatly appreciated.  Of course I will be happy to post these off to anywhere in the world.



PS  Yes I have a FACEBOOK PAGE for you to visit..please do…. and click the LIKE button. 🙂 


Lampshade Recreated.



For a long time now

I have been looking at the beige,

tasselled lampshade

that is on the beautiful mahogany stand in our bedroom

…and thinking…

"I’d really love to get that recovered".

Well the urge came over me a few weeks ago, and after sorting through my linen and cotton stash,

this is what came out.

I really enjoyed the process, and I do like the look of it. 

Now the lamp awaits rewiring..(shouldn’t be more than a few more years).


Lampshade Reinvented.

This lamp belonged to my parents and was with me as I grew up…

It holds a special place in my heart of course.

Today I have posted off my November block for the Simply Solids Fallow Group Bee…

having trouble loading the photo…





Tuesday Stack At Stitchbird Fabrics.



There is a gorgeous fabric shop

that I visit on occasion

called Stitchbird Fabrics.

Lyndy and her lovely staff

give me free range to look at their great range,

and are always ready to tell me about their latest fabrics and what is on sale too.

A couple of weeks ago Lyndy was kind enough to ask me if I would like to choose her Tuesday Stack.

What fun!

Do go over and take a look…and leave a comment too.

Stitchbird Fabrics.

I have made a few "Alice In Wonderland" quilts in the past

so when I saw the bolt of "Alice" by Kokka  I just had to build the stack around it.

Meanwhile I have finished making a roman blind for our kitchen,

and a bit of painting too.  More about that in my next post.


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